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Pianist and vocalist Thandi Ntuli is part of a new generation of South African musicians who reflect this idea of crosscultural jazz. Raised in South Africa, Ntuli grew up on a mix of South African and American jazz as well as traditional African music. When you hear her fingers touch the ivories, the notes that flow come from the river of tradition that houses Chopin, Art Tatum, and Nina Simone. But in her compositions and vocals, you hear her channel the rhythms of life that inform can inform music all around Africa.

Jackson Sinnenberg for

Even if you think you know Exiled, Live at Jazzwerkstatt adds new insight into Ntuli’s music: how it’s put together and what it says. The seductive richness of the big-band sound offers new layers and textures. There’s also a fresh emotional dimension and relevance.

Gwen Ansell for New Frame